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 Build a Local Team Using Social Media to Find and Sponsor


Are you looking for some ways to add to your contact list and build a team, right in your own backyard?

Have you exhausted your warm market list, yet know there are plenty of people locally who are looking, interested and perfect for your business or products, but you just aren’t sure how to find them?

Hi, I’m Jackie Ulmer and I built a multi million dollar business with people who came to me online! In fact, I have sponsored well over 1700 people, personally.

You can build locally, regionally, nationally and internationally using the tools of Social Media, and it is extremely fun and lucrative to build a local team in your business. Most successful teams start locally and then expand out. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Meetup and LinkedIn  are great resources for connecting with people from your past, present and meeting new people who are perfect for your business

Have you ever felt challenged by the thought of finding new warm market and people to talk to about your business? Now, through the tools of Social Media, you can find your best prospects, right in your own backyard – People you have never met, who are ready for what you offer!

Now, you are going to learn some simple steps you can take to find people ONLINE, get to know them, and then meet them OFFLINE, for that belly to belly experience!

Your Perfect Prospects Are In Your Own Backyard


Let’s face it, at some point in your Network Marketing career, you are going to hot that point where you feel that your warm market is tapped out, and you are struggling to find those “two a day” (or more) to talk to about your business. And, that’s what it takes to be successful, right?Find Prospects Locally Online

So, who are you going to talk to and where are you going to find them?

Your perfect prospects are in your own backyard, and now, through the power of social media, it is easier than ever to tap into that market.

Today, 8 out of 10 people are looking for some “financial relief.” This means they are open to exploring other methods of earning a part time or even full time income. The challenge is that no one walks around with a sign around their neck stating this. And, often, it’s an uncomfortable topic to bring up.

There are three great social media tools for finding and connecting with these people, right in your local area.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Meetup! While they all provide ways to connect with others, they are similar and at the same time, all very different and it’s important to note this.

In Building Local With Social Media, you are going to learn:

  • How to Create a Power Profile on these Social Sites – what “Sells” you; what repels people and what gets the interest on Facebook, LinkedIn and Meetup – they are each unique; Video shows you HOW

  • How to Research Online Contacts and Find Your Target Market OnlineVideo shows you HOW

  • Facebook For MLM Profits – everything you need to know to begin to sponsor with Facebook; your timeline and business page – e-book shows you HOW

  • Building to Events With Social Media – how to sponsor people in your convention city and anywhere – 2 MP3s Explain HOW

  • Networking Online with Social Media – An Overview of How it All Works – MP3 Explains HOW

  • Networking Offline – How to Work the Event, During and After – MP3 Explains HOW

  • Building Your List – The Money is in the List – Potential Customers and Business Partners – MP3 Explains HOW

  • LinkedIn – The Overview of Using LinkedIn for Business – MP3 Explains HOW

  • The Power in Your Blog – Do I Need a Blog; Why Do I Need a Blog – MP3 Explains HOW

  • Simple Set Up of Your WordPress Blog – It’s not complicated, this guide will get you online in 30 minutes! – PDF Explains How

  • Rule of 1/3 in Social Networking Online – Mixing Social, Personal and Business “Sharing!” – Online Video to SHOW You HOW

  • Special Bonus – Doug Firebaugh Interview – Cutting Edge School – Combine the Power of PROVEN MLM Techniques  and Online Power Tools – MP3

  • And MORE!!!

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There are three great social media tools for finding and connecting with these people, right in your local area.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Meetup! While they all provide ways to connect with others, they are similar and at the same time, all very different and it’s important to note this.

Facebook is a great way to expand your contacts by connecting with the contacts of those who you already know, and also through its highly popular Groups. Use the search feature and the keywords specific to the type of group, and location you are looking to target. Facebook is more social, more open to “self-promotion” although I encourage you to stay away from this if you really want to make the most of the opportunity you have to make serious business contacts.

 LinkedIn has a very active Groups section, and this is actually the key piece to LinkedIn. Using the Groups tab, you can get recommendations based on your profile and connections; search groups based on your own criteria, and even start your own group.

You can target professional groups that you are familiar with. For instance, you may be a real estate agent, building your network marketing business on the side. Real Estate groups would be a natural place for you to meet others in your same field, develop relationships and friendships, and ultimately broach the subject of your business, ask for referrals, etc.

Many of the LinkedIn groups do face to face meet ups on a regular basis, so you can easily take things to a new level by getting to know people outside of the online arena. LinkedIn is a professional environment, so most of the groups and meetings are geared to professionals. You want to have your “business suit” on when you are navigating the site and making connections.

Then, there is Meetup.com, a resource that few networkers are using to its full potential!

Meetup is probably the best tool out there for finding people of all different interests and activities. Are you a hiker, love Zumba, looking for a book club, like to attend Sunday Brunch? You will find a little of everything that fits your interests at Meetup!

Regularly attending a small select group of meet ups can easily, and effectively expand your list of contacts and provide an ongoing source of valuable potential prospects and referrals for your business.

As you attend events and make contacts, remember that you are looking to establish rapport and build a relationship first. Have a plan to get to know those who you meet who might be great prospects by scheduling coffee or lunch, just to get to know each other. This is not where you introduce your business, unless it lends itself naturally to the conversation. You are just meeting to get to know each other.

As you become a regular at these events, and people begin to know, like and trust you, it is easy to ease into a conversation about what you do, and who you are looking for as a customer or business partner.

And, if you are relocating and wondering how you are going to expand your business, look to Meetup first as a way to get out, and meet people. You may need to attend a few different groups to find the ones that fit you best, and think of those are just more contacts to add to your list!

Remember that you always have an unlimited source of potential business partners just a meet up away! Have fun, expand your network and your business.


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